We were the Winston-Salem Rescue Squad, the oldest rescue squad in North Carolina until January 1, 2010 when we became Forsyth County Emergency Services..  We were founded and chartered in 1937


Our primary objective is to provide Technical Rescue services to the citizens of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.

The Winston-Salem Rescue Squad collectively donates more 10,000 hours of volunteer assistance to this community annually.  Additionally, our membership contributes an additional 5,000 hours of Medical and Rescue training each year.


Technical rescue services include vehicle extrication, high level/low level rescue, water rescue, dive rescue and recovery, confined space rescue/trench rescue, building collapse and land searches.  Also among our membership is a team of highly trained individuals who specialize in animal rescue and intervention. The majority of our membership is certified at the Emergency Medical Tehnnician (EMT) level.and many members are expanded scope EMTs and Emergency Rescue Technician (ERT) or Rescue Technician (RT) levels. We are one of the first rescue squads certified at the North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS’s heavy rescue level.

We also provide Emergency Medical Standby services for many events throughtout this community. Examples of these include fund-raising walks and runs, high school football games and cultural festivals, etc.

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Back in 1937 through the dreams, hard work, sweat, and perseverance the Winston-Salem Rescue Squad was formed as the original rescue squad in North Carolina and one of the oldest in the United States. When the Rescue Squad was opened no one could have dreamed of how many chapters in history that this department would see over the following decades. The transitions over the years have evolved from men taught basic first aid, to EMT’s taught the most up to date life saving skills, Rescue Trucks who acquired heavy cumbersome “Jaws of Life” to the current modern light weight Hurst equipment, adding  Dive Teams, Large Animal Rescue Teams, Confined Space  Teams, High Angle Rescue Teams, Trench and Collapse Teams. The changes in history have been large but always to better the safety of our community. But as the first decade of the 2000’s come to a close the year 2009 will see one more change which will close the history books forever and open a new book of the future. On January 1, 2010 the Winston-Salem Rescue Squad will check end of duty for one last time and will check in service as Forsyth County Emergency Service Rescue Division. Through much planning and cooperation with Forsyth County the department will  become part of what will be a large scale Rescue resource team under Emergency Services which encompasses Forsyth County Fire and Forsyth County EMS who has offered to welcome the  Rescue division with great anticipation. So as the future progress's and the names on the patches and trucks change at heart it will still be the same dreams, morals, and the desire to help others  that started 73 years ago that will lead the Winston-Salem Rescue Squad to be known as Forsyth County Emergency Services. One final change in the final chapter of the Winston-Salem Rescue Squad occured on January 2, 2014 checked 10-42 one final time. We parted ways with Forsyth County Emergency Services and officially closed Station 6 after nearly 76 years of service to the citizens of Forsyth county as part of a final merger with Mineral Springs Vol. Fire and Rescue.